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Today is Analeigh’s 26th Birthday. On Behalf of Analeigh Tipton Online, I’d like to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

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On November 1st Analeigh attended the SCAD Presents 17th Annual Savannah Film Festival. Enjoy the pictures!


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Thank yo my friend Ann at Chris Evans Fan for sending these scans to me. They are from the September 2014 issue of Nylon Guys. Enjoy!

Sadly Analeigh’s TV show Manhattan Love Story has been cancelled by ABC. :( Here’s an article about it.

I’ve added HD screencaptures from the 4th (aired October 21st) episode of Manhattan Love Story to the Analeigh Tipton Online photo gallery. Enjoy!


Hello everyone. You may remember me, I’m the one who started Analeigh Tipton Online. I want to thank Carmel for doing such a great job on here and thank you for letting me take back the site!

For the update today, I’ve added screen captures from the pilot episode of Analeigh’s new show Manhattan Love Story. I really enjoyed it. What did you think of it? Comment!